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The goal of MetroSquash Academics is to help our students achieve college readiness, attainment and success. We accomplish this by combining rigorous academic, athletic, mentoring and life-skill support for our students over the course of their entire middle school, high school and collegiate years.

Middle School

Starting in 5th Grade, students receive academic support (homework help, one-on-one tutoring) and participate in a rigorous academic curriculum that focuses on math and literacy foundational skills. Students also take part in community service projects, life-skill workshops and a wellness curriculum.

MetroSquash is proud to announce the re-opening of our Middle School Library! The library currently holds a collection of over 1000 books. The library is open to the entire community, so please feel free to stop by and check it out! To view of a list of our books, please

To view a list of our books, please visit our Library Catalog here!

High School Selection

A key feature of the MetroSquash program is our high school advising process, in which MetroSquash staff aid students and families in finding a “best-fit” high school. Since 2005, MetroSquash has helped 74 students access high schools where an average 85% of freshmen are on-track to graduate. This year, students earned over $234,000 in scholarships to top selective, private and parochial schools. To date, MetroSquash has helped 7 students access boarding schools across the country including The Hotchkiss School, Choate Rosemary Hall, Loomis Chaffee, Blair Academy, Lake Forest Academy, Cate School, and Tabor Academy.

College Prep

MetroSquash students start the College Prep Program as freshmen, and continue through all four years of high school. During this time, each student gains exposure to life on a college campus, tournament travel, and enriching summer camps. Students research colleges, attend informational workshops, attend ACT/SAT prep courses, receive academic tutoring and personalized advising, and get help with college, scholarship, and financial aid applications. The ultimate goal of the College Prep program is to ensure that students learn pertinent skills that will help them to establish a successful high school career both academically and socio-emotionally, while promoting the practice with academic skills so they are prepared to succeed in high school, college, and in life.

College Program

MetroSquash had its first class of college-bound seniors graduate from high school in 2013. Currently, all 8 students are enrolled in and excelling on their college campuses. Following in the footsteps of that inaugural class, 100% of the Class of 2014 graduated high school and were able to matriculate to their best-matched colleges and universities, earning $315,309 in academic scholarships, including one student who won a full scholarship through the Posse Foundation to Trinity College. MetroSquash is aiming for a 100% college graduation rate and will support its students as they matriculate in, to, and through college and beyond. To ensure the success of this program, parents, students and MetroSquash staff must uphold a commitment to play their part in the ultimate progression of the student’s well-being in college and beyond. In return, MetroSquash offers student support throughout their collegiate career by:

  • Providing a college mentor
  • Hosting reunion activities
  • Supplying access to tournament competition
  • Providing monthly communication and care packages
  • Offering campus visits from MetroSquash staff
  • Connecting students with summer enrichment opportunities
  • Attaining access to employment/professional opportunities, and financial aid counseling.