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MetroSquash places great emphasis on nutritional awareness and a holistic sense of wellness for all of our students. Students are not only exposed to nutrition-focused lessons, but also practice good eating habits in all practice, trip and tournament environments. The MetroSquash Wellness Curriculum includes components of personal and social wellness, sportsmanship and building resilience through sports.


Numerous studies have shown the importance of having non-parental caring adults in a child’s life, to serve as role models and guides. MetroSquash students have the opportunity to be paired with volunteer Mentors from the squash and greater Chicago community. Mentors and mentees share interests, play squash, pursue academic opportunities, and build strong friendships. Mentors sign on for a two year commitment, but often stay connected well beyond that time.

Please link to our Mentoring page to learn more about how you can become a mentor today.

Community Service

MetroSquash students each perform a minimum of 8 hours of community service each year. Projects often evolve organically, based on community need and student interest. Over the past several years, MetroSquash students have completed park cleanups, volunteered at senior homes, and led canned good donation drives.

Life Skills & Enrichment

MetroSquash students spend over 40 hours participating in enrichment programming each year. MetroSquash recruits experts to deliver interactive seminars multiple times per year focusing on topics such as Family Health and Wellness, Violence Prevention, Financial Literacy, Diversity Awareness, Self-Representation, and Student Wellness. Each time students travel on a trip for squash or academics, opportunities for visits at cultural institutions such as, museums and parks are always made a priority. Many trips also include visits to college and boarding school campuses, as well.