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Dear MetroSquash Supporter,

This year, all 16 of our high school seniors gained acceptance to their best-matched colleges and universities. Please join us in congratulating them as they join the 27 MetroSquash students currently participating in the MetroSquash College Support Program. Thank you to our families, staff, volunteers, mentors, donors, and supporters for playing a critical role in our students' success.

Nubia Beasley-Bartee,

Lake Forest Academy

Bates College (ME)

"I joined MetroSquash in the 6th grade; I didn't know what squash was, let alone how to play it. Once I got the hang of it I fell in love; it quickly became a focal point in my life and a necessity in my choice in high school. MetroSquash helped me to find this passion, as well as helping me to be able to go to a boarding school like Lake Forest Academy where I could further my education and squash abilities. In the fall I'll be going to Bates College where I'll be playing on the women's squash team. None of this would be possible without the support of MetroSquash and the guidance of everyone in the MetroSquash community."

Sherly Francois,

Loomis Chaffee School

Wesleyan University (CT)

"I've been a part of MetroSquash since 6th grade. MetroSquash opened the door to an array of opportunities I couldn't have imagined. With the amazing experiences through traveling for tournaments, and my passion in squash growing, MetroSquash became my second home. In 8th grade, MetroSquash introduced me to the idea of boarding school. I attended Loomis Chaffee for four years, which was undoubtedly the best decision I've ever made. Although I was miles away, MetroSquash continued their support. After a challenging 4 years of high school, I can proudly say that I will be attending and playing squash at Wesleyan University this fall."

Kendall Gregory,

University of Chicago Charter - Woodlawn

DePaul University (IL)

"In the short span of two years, I've found a home and space I can be free to vent and have friends. I can also get my work done and prepare for life outside of living at home. I feel like I will know the people I've met at MetroSquash for a lifetime, including coaches and mentors. I am also good at squash now, and the sport has helped me grow my competitive spirit and stay in shape."

Tajj Hill,

Gary Comer College Prep

Lincoln College (IL)

"I have been a part of MetroSquash since 7th grade, and I can honestly say that the program has made me who I am today. Staff constantly pushed me to do the best that I could on and off the squash courts. MetroSquash is a great support system to have in my corner, and I am grateful for everything they have done for me."

Anathiel John-Charles,

Kenwood Academy

Smith College (MA)

“MetroSquash is a real blessing to me. I've had opportunities to travel nationally, participate at summer enrichment camps at prestigious colleges, and have received free tutoring and test prep. These are all opportunities that I would not have gotten without MetroSquash. I have always been proud to talk about squash and what it's done for me amongst my peers. I believe that I have a lot of experience and success because of their help, and now I'm attending Smith College on a full ride for the upcoming academic year!"

Miaya Kelley,

St. Josephinum Academy

Alabama A&M University (AL)

"Even though this is my first year being in MetroSquash, I had the opportunity to visit colleges and play in tournaments. MetroSquash has helped me accomplish so much this year such as helping me apply to several colleges, writing essays for school and looking for scholarships. I am so grateful for MetroSquash for helping me achieve my goals.”

Simone McDaniels,

Gary Comer College Prep

University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

"I appreciate all of the opportunities that MetroSquash has offered me from college visits, resume workshops, having my work reviewed by tutors and direct interactions with MetroSquash college students. MetroSquash has given a lot of great insight into what college will be like for me. I am also grateful for being in a program where people are supportive and willing to listen."

Langston Mitchell,

Gary Comer College Prep

Grand Valley State University (MI)

"MetroSquash has been with me since the second half of my freshman year. Ever since then, I've been on top of everything I have had to do, and I've been better off because of how MetroSquash has pushed me. I thank them for that."

Maxwell Okwuedei,

Gary Comer College Prep

Luther College (IA)

"MetroSquash has helped me since I was in 5th grade. This allowed me to start building up my character at a young age, and also gave me the opportunity to see the country, as I got better in squash. Without MetroSquash, I don't think I would be the person I am today. "

William Pemberton,

Blair Academy

Lehigh University (PA)

"Deciding to join MetroSquash was a life-changing decision that set me up for great success. Joining MetroSquash led me to spend four of the best years of my life at boarding school, and has led me to be able to spend four more years at Lehigh University. Thanks to MetroSquash, my future is sure to be filled with success!"

Gabrielle Powell,

University of Chicago Charter - Woodlawn

Lincoln University (PA)

"I've been in MetroSquash since the 5th grade. MetroSquash has been everything great for me! From an excellent support system away from both home and school, I have received amazing opportunities with MetroSquash!"

Lorraine Smith,

Gary Comer College Prep

Albion College (MI)

"Being a part of MetroSquash has allowed me to receive more exposure to unique activities. Whenever I tell someone that I play squash, they always ask me what it is, and every time I am asked that I feel special; I am a part of a sport that not everyone has heard of, and it's pretty cool. I have truly been blessed. With the support of the MetroSquash staff members, I have received major opportunities. I was blessed with a college scholarship from the Chicago Cubs, and I will always be thankful."

Kai Stewart,

University of Chicago Charter - Woodlawn

Lincoln University (PA)

"Blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the MetroSquash community, I was provided with scholarships that will benefit me for college. Through tutoring, I was helped to write a 25-page research paper and increase my test scores. I have grown with MetroSquash for the little time I've been part of the program. MetroSquash gave me a family and a support system that is not found in school. "

KeVeon White

University of Chicago - Woodlawn

DePauw University

"Over my four years at MetroSquash, I've leaned a lot. Not only have I found another large group of people that support me through life, I've gained experience on the squash court in addition to life. Thanks to MetroSquash, family and other valued people, I will spend my next four years at DePauw University studying computer science as a major and mathematics as a minor."

** Not Pictured:

Kokui Annani-Akollor (Northeastern Illinois University) Julian Russell (Undecided, gained admission to Western Illinois)

High School Acceptances:

Congratulations to all 17 of our hardworking 8th grade students, who are headed to their best-matched high schools this fall.

Alvin Bonner, University of Chicago - Woodlawn

Courtney Brown, Morgan Park IB

Abari Davis, De La Salle (Daniel Murphy Scholar)

Shelby Davis, University of Chicago - Woodlawn

Jamiah Dirkans, Hansberry College Prep

Jamara Dixon, Bronzeville Scholastic

Akyra Harris, University of Chicago - Woodlawn

Destiny Knox, Noble Street College Prep

Meredith Okwuedei, Gary Comer

Retia Patton, King College Prep

Dzifa Searcy, Lindblom Math and Science Academy

Saniya St. Clair, Lincoln Park High School

Kaya Thomas, Lindblom Math and Science Academy

Jabari Ware, Lincoln Park High School

Keyonta Woods, Hyde Park High School

Myleena Webb, Ogden International

Katlyn White, University of Chicago - Woodlawn