Squash & Wellness

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The goal of the Squash curriculum is to empower our students to be fit, healthy and active through the vehicle of squash. We accomplish this by:

  • Combining squash instruction
  • Competitive play
  • Wellness and nutritional awareness
  • Fitness curriculum
  • Emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork

Squash’s connection to higher education and strong networks makes it a natural partner for our ultimate goal: college success. It instills mental toughness, helps students become fit, and in turn, lead healthier life styles.

Squash Instruction

Learning squash is analogous to mastering an instrument; players must develop technique and memorize the right steps to move and strike the ball. MetroSquash emphasizes two critical skills to becoming a better player: the GRIT to persevere through a challenge and the OPTIMISM that mistakes in training and competition teach us how to improve.

Students receive 3 sessions of technical squash instruction each week. Most of the program’s participants’ first exposure to the sport comes through MetroSquash programming. Students have the opportunity to progress from first time beginner all the way to advanced intermediate player through their time in program.

For more information contact Squash Director Emma Charlton at emma@metrosquash.org.

Competitive Play and Travel

MetroSquash students compete in match play in a variety of settings. Students play individual matches at local Chicago area clubs and within the internal MetroSquash community. Students also compete in regional and national tournaments all over the United States. MetroSquash is an enthusiastic participant in NUSEA (National Urban Squash and Education Association) events throughout the year.